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Increasingly, it seems that many of the positive effects of calorie restriction on aging may be unrelated to caloric intake. Hungry animals and people tend to eat faster, and as a result spend more of their day eating nothing. These extended periods of abstinence are enough to slow aging in mice, whether overall calorie intake is reduced or not. The science uncoupling the effects of fasting and calorie restriction on aging is in its infancy.

During our evolution, we were likely to die of infection, accidents or disease long before we reached old age; hazardous living masked any negative consequences diet might have had. High protein activates a sensor in our cells called mTOR, which builds body mass and is loved by weightlifters.

7 Toxic Millennial Myths That Need To Die

But for healthy aging, being catabolic burning , not anabolic building , seems key; suppressing mTOR prolongs life in animals. Among mice fed diets with identical amounts of calories, those that lived longest and aged best ate lower amounts of protein. As our cells divide, the chromosomes within them that carry the recipe for all cellular functions progressively shorten, because the replication machinery cannot get right to their tips.

Myth-ion Improbable and Something M.Y.T.H. Inc. (Double Novel Edition), by Robert Asprin (EBook)

To prevent loss of information, these tips have protective caps known as telomeres, often likened to the plastic tips at the ends of shoelaces. But they can do only so much. With age or continuous cellular division in a petri dish , telomeres become too short to be protective, and cells go dormant. Because cells in older people have shorter telomeres, telomere length is cited as a predictor of good or bad aging and even the central cause of the aging process.

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Lifestyle advice including more sex, meditation and yoga proposes to protect or even lengthen telomeres. Aging is not caused by one event, however, as compelling as fraying telomeres may be. Some of our cells do not divide at all, and they age without shortened telomeres. Many animals have telomeres much longer than ours, yet they age faster than we do. Shortening telomeres may even be useful, protecting against unchecked cell division, which is a hallmark of cancer. William Mair researches the biology of the aging process in his lab at the Harvard T. Chan School of Public Health, where he is an associate professor of genetics and complex diseases.

He wrote this piece for the Washington Post.

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By William Mair. Myth No.

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More and more citizens want something done — and they're willing to do it themselves. In the end, it won't be their skill or their intelligence that wins the day, but the sheer number of those who have rallied themselves against their oppressor — this black-hearted wizard, this terrible tyrant known as Skeeve the Great. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Robert Lynn Asprin — was an American science fiction and fantasy author. He is best known for his humorous Myth Adventures series. Robert Asprin.