United States naval aviation, 1910-1995

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Strait of Hormuz en route to operations in the Persian.

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After continuing her duty for. John F Kennedy. Silkworm antiship missile battery after Iraq unsuc-. He was found on a 6,foot elevation. National Park. The SAR team was called in to assist the. Tulare County Sheriffs Department. The A-6s also attacked and sank a Winchester-class hovercraft being refueled by the tanker and a Zhuk patrol boat. An A-6 sank an Iraqi Zhuk- class patrol boat and another Iraqi minesweeper hit an Iraqi mine while attempting to evade the A-6 fire. This was the largest amount of bomb tonnage carried in a single mission. On 3 February, America confirmed the destruction of two Scud-related vehicles.

The crewmen were reported missing. This was Theodore Roosevelt's first combat loss of the war. Naval Code Words Washington, D.

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M Bellafaire, editor Washington, D. Marine Corps, Vol. Victory Washington, D. Office of War Information, Illlustrated magazine published during the war years, providing a photographic history on the homefront. The World at War Washington, D. Combat Actions in Korea Russell A. Gugeler Washington, D.

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Army, Combat as seen through the actions of small units. Mossman Washington, D. Army, Well-documented and illustrated accont of these crucial months in the Korean War. Epley, editor Essays and research presented at the March conference. Korea: John Miller, Jr. Tackley Washington, D. Army, Account of the war heavily illustrated with maps and photographs. Korea: Washington, D. Army, The first six months of U.

Air Force in Korea: Robert F. Futrell Washington, D. Air Force, Discussion of the significance of the U.

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Air Force in Korea and the implications for future combat scenarios. Advisory Years to Robert F. Air Force, Account of the training and adaptation of the U. Air Force to participate in the Vietnam conflict.

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Summers, Jr. Carlisle Barracks, Pa. Army War College, Summary of the strategic motives behind U. Boyle, et. Atlanta, Ga. HE Marine Corps, Manual on guerrilla tactics with advice on making the best use of field conditions.

United States Naval Aviation 1910 1995

Reorganizing for Pacification Support Thoma W. Scoville Washington, D.

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  6. Army, Account of the U. Navy actions in the Vietnam War, based on official records.

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    LeGro Washington, D. Army, Account of the reunification of Vietnam after U. Lavalle, editor Washington, D. Air Force, A look at U. Air Force activity in Vietnam at the height of the war, with extensive notes and bibliography. Certain Victory: The U. Scales, Jr. Army, Readable, well-illustrated coverage of the Gulf War and the men and women who fought there. Conduct of the Persian War Washington, D. From the Fulda Gap to Kuwait: U.

    guiliazudope.ml Gehring Washington, D. Stearns Washington, D. Army, Collection of analyses and reflections on U.