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Add to cart. When his brother asks him to meet him at a pub to ask a favour, he does not hesitate. It seems a little mean and unsavoury but he eventually agrees to talk to the…plain, weird, frumpy and badly dressed sister. Why do I keep going back for more of her stories when I want to physically harm the hero?

I question how Natasha Anders could possibly make a douchewaffle lovable? How is it that with my eyes rolling to the back of my head and my teeth gritted to snapping point, I eventually get to a point where I want to give him a book boyfriend slot? Seriously, I loved Mason by the end even though he once thought that Daisy was plain, weird, frumpy and badly dressed. I get a kick when the hero is forever hiding behind benches ;- I could relate to Daisy.

In my case, my sisters were popular, short and curvy while I was shy, tall and nerdy. Daisy was jealous of her sisters' beauty while her sisters were jealous of her curves. My sisters were jealous of my height while I was jealous they were petite. Daisy has very low self-esteem because she constantly feels like people compare her to her sisters and she looks at her sisters with rose-coloured glasses.

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Her family have a bad habit of trying to change her. As we all know, you can't change something unless they want to be changed. Daisy also allows "friends" to talk to her in a very negative way. These "friends" take pleasure in her discomfort. I struggled that her sisters allowed them to treat her so badly for so long. The love story between Daisy and Mason is a slow-burn that turns from friendship into attraction and eventually more.

There's a wee bit of heartache that they must suffer through before they find a happy ever after. Mason must learn to trust his feelings and Daisy needs to get past her insecurities. They both must look past the surface to see what's important. I enjoyed The Wingman and I'm hoping that we might get to see a story for Spencer and Daffodil in the future. To see more of my reviews, fashion, food and pervathons Jan 11, Esther rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , virgin-heroine , family , funny , humor , virgin , contemporary-v , love-a-heroine-with-some-sass.

ARC provided by NetGalley and author for an honest review. Our hero Mason is meeting his brother at a bar for a drink and he's not sure why yet. Well come to find out his brother needs a favor, he needs a wingman. Mason feels bad for his brother as he's just gone through a tough and hurtful break up and feels he needs to do this for him, even though he do ARC provided by NetGalley and author for an honest review.

Mason feels bad for his brother as he's just gone through a tough and hurtful break up and feels he needs to do this for him, even though he doesn't really like it or feel comfortable doing it. Daisy is at a bar with her sisters the pretty ones to celebrate one of her sisters coming marriage. She always been the forgotten, quirky, quiet, curvy McGregor sister and she's fine with it. Daisy is not only with her sisters but some of her friends that are not what you'd call likable either.

While at the bar for the her sisters party Daisy is approached by Mason and the next thing she know he's flirting with her. Daisy is shocked and unsure about what going on but Mason and her connect. She's hurt and mad, but she comes up with her own plan that involves Mason and he agrees and goes along with it.

War of the Sun

The story unfolds as Mason and her start dating to give the appearance that they are a couple and make it more credible to others. These two have some great chemistry and repertoire. I enjoyed the development of their relationship and how it had depth, dialogue as well as spark. It was nice to have a heroine that was curvy and considered "plain" as well as a hot military hero who was a underwear model for a while. The pace was steady and didn't lag anywhere and great secondary characters too. A enjoyable read. View all 6 comments.

This book was aright. Not my favorite, but alright. Something to pass time with. Daisy McGregor 27 was naive, cute, uncertain and had very low self esteem. Mason Carlisle 31 was sexy, kind hearted, hated talking about himself and made Daisy open her eyes. Together they were cute and made me laugh a bit with their funny bantering and smile because of their nice moments.

Overall ; it's okay, light and easy. Nothing too deep, and one can relate to being damaged by hurtful words and actions. Will I read this again in the future? Rating - 2. Jan 09, B. Love rated it it was amazing.

I think I'm in a book funk, I've said that before but this is different, the last book I read before this book was amazing, and the book before that was too but in between books I just feel like mmm. I've decided that it might be that I need to branch out on books I feel like I read too many books last year with not enough story and even though I liked them then I think I need more this year maybe what I can tell you was the story in this book was one of the very best things in this book.

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And of course a book needs a good story but I think now that the market is saturated with romance we have lost some of the storytelling that makes romance great in some books, I know not all have this. Don't get me wrong I loved Mason and Daisy. Mason is all man and strong and an amazing person, Daisy has some scrapes from life but she's strong and I loved seeing her growth. They were an amazing couple but I loved that we really see their relationship in this book, I feel like there have been too many books lately that we are just supposed to believe they love each other and I"m left think yeah but why do they love each other.

In this book we see their love grow, we see their friendship build and we see the transformation it has on both of their lives both individually and together. I loved this one the flow was great I wasn't bored and I just really enjoyed myself and I actually want to read something right now and that doesn't always happen for me lately and I know being busy is part of that but I think I just needed more and this book gave me that.

The romance wasn't rushed it was built and the story wasn't a side not for sex. Yes there is sex but this book is so much more. We get to see what I am guessing is book two's main characters and I can't wait for that one either. This book just made me excited and for that I am so appreciative. Mason is called by his brother to meet him at a bar agreeing because of his brothers resent breakup Mason finds himself agreeing to be his brothers wingman.

Mason's brother has always had a thing for the oldest of the McGregor sisters and since the middle sister is taken that only leaves the youngest. So Mason agrees to talk to her so his brother can make his move. Daisy knows she is the odd one in the family the forgotten sister and one who gets looked over so when Mason comes and talks to her she is shocked and even more so that she finds herself opening up to him. But when Daisy hears the truth, she is surprised she has let this hurt her and then a crazy ideas pops into her head and she goes with it. With her sisters wedding coming up and knowing Mason feels bad Daisy asks him to be her wing man for the wedding to stop all the stares and questions she will get for once again being alone.

What neither of them planned was the friendship that grows and then the feelings neither planned, and soon they are questioning it all including the fact that this is supposed to be temporary. I can't recommend this book enough. Nathan Anders does a great job pulling the reader into this story and giving us that an amazing story and romance. View 2 comments. Jan 04, Lady Heather rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: contemporary romance, luvas nerdy girls with alpha boys.

Shelves: favorites , stars-if-i-could , adult , nathasha-anders , release , love-the-author-a-must-buy , nerdy-girls-with-alpha-boys. My thoughts 5 stars! Mason and Daisy are amazing characters! I'm a huge fan of this author. I love her writing, characters, and storylines. Her characters have depth and their stories are never easy, but the journey is so worth it in the end.

Anders has once again written a well developed, well-executed story about two people who don't start out in the best of situations, but through time and getting to know one another- they realize they can't deny how much they're meant for each another. There are a lot of twists and turns, but the end result is an amazing story! I highly recommend this story, and hope that the author continues on with this series! I always jump at the chance to read a Natasha Anders book. Seems her typical trope at least the books I've read is more along the lines of a jerky hero that has a "Come to Jesus" moment and spends the book groveling to win his heroine back.

This is not the case with our hero, Mason Carlisle, in The Wingman. For all intent and purposes, he's a good guy doing a good thing for a heroine with low self esteem. The Wingman has a bit of a Cinderella fanfic feel to me. One of three daughters, Daisy I always jump at the chance to read a Natasha Anders book. One of three daughters, Daisy has always been a bit of the "ugly duckling" of the crew. Her sisters are beautiful, catching the eye of men near and far, as she fades into the background.

More plump than thin, more awkward than graceful, more unsure than confident. So it's no surprise to her when she goes out for Hens night for her sister that the hottest guy in the pub gives her attention because he was begged to Said wingman- Mason. What Mason didn't realize is how fun and refreshingly real Daisy is. What he also realizes is her pitiful lack of self confidence. A person beaten down so much, she questions every honest compliment thrown her way The Wingman was a really cute book focused on the "average" girl uncharacteristically catching the eye of the "hot" guy.

The attraction to Daisy wasn't immediate for Mason, instead grew with getting to know her personally, realizing she's so much on the inside, that the outside just shines all the more with time. My heart really went out to Daisy. Typically I gravitate towards the confident, strong heroines, but the curvy, "love handle-y" side of me really empathized with her inner psyche. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride type girl.

However, she's strong in so many other ways. A veterinarian, she's intelligent and caring, philanthropic and genuine. Natasha Anders built her character perfectly over time and I couldn't help but fall for her right alongside Mason. Mason, the guy who doesn't do relationships. When Daisy asks Mason to be her wingman at her sister's wedding to ward off the fact she has no date, no boyfriend, Mason feels obligated to do it for the poor girl. Is it sympathy?

Or does he genuinely want to spend time with her? Though the book waxed and waned at times, I feel we needed everything Natasha Anders included to build an unconventional love story and make it believable. Otherwise, too fast-paced, I wouldn't have bought it. A different style book for Natasha Anders and an enjoyable one at that. I genuinely look forward to more from this author. Advanced copy received by Montlake Romance Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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Spencer needs Mason to distract a girl so he can speak to her sister. That sister is Daisy, our other main character. Daisy is the "other" sister, you know like Jan from the Brady Bunch. Daffodil and Dahlia are considered the pretty sisters.

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Daisy overhears a convo between Spencer and Mason realizing that Mason wasn't really into her like she thought. She winds up convincing him to pretend to be her date to get people off of her back since she's never dating and considered the ugly one. But then Mason starts to get feelings, because turns out Daisy is kinda hot But because of Daisy's self-confidence and lack of relationships, not to mention the way their relationship began, Daisy doubts Mason's sincerity. Will she ruin a good thing? ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Mar 03, Rejane marked it as not-interested.

I liked this author's books before but this one doesn't interest me at all. I don't like the "ugly duckling" self deprecating, the bad dressed, awkward and and and plot. And I'm not reading romances for good message. For those I can go for religious books or a book in that specific category I have no idea which is or those self help books. And I'm NOT sorry. Or ashamed. Jun 17, Syndi rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. I do really enjoy this book. I thought this book is about fake fiancee rom com story.

But its really more than that. Yes there is that sweet tender banter between Daisy and Mason. I love Mason. He is brute brooding alpha male. He said less but he shows he has so much to offer. How much he loves Daisy without him realizing that. And for Daisy I can relate to her. I went through that hideous awkward teenager years. Where everyone is way much popular than you. Where everyone pranked you and beli I do really enjoy this book.

Where everyone pranked you and belittled you just because they can. What an awful memory! And I can relate it all with Daisy. Mason helps Daisy to gain her self esteem and in return Daisy teaches Mason to trust his feeling. The story is simple but with so many layers, it is very sweet tender and cute story. The audiobook is 10 hours long. But I do not feel the story is dragging. I enjoy everything on this book. Mar 11, Nadine rated it it was amazing Shelves: best-of , nerdy , chick-lit , glasses , tattoos.

It's the story of Daisy, a frumpy vet who's always overshadowed by her two good looking sisters, and Mason, a handsome ex-soldier, ex-underwear model, ex-business man. Daisy and her two sisters are know in town as: - the pretty one - the cute one - the other one Daisy is, of course, the other one. Men don't see her and she is okay with that more or less. When good looking Mason Carlisle wants to go on a date with her out of the blue she's startled. In Daisy's world something like this does not happen and she is right.

Mason is the wingman for his brother Spencer. Mason's task is to distract Daisy so that Spencer has a chance to speak to her sister. Daisy eventually finds out and Mason feels guilty because he actually likes her a lot. Not in the ' I want to rip your clothes off'-way but in the 'she's funny and I love to talk to her'-way. Daisy blackmails him into being her date to her sister's wedding. For one evening she wants to avoid all the mean insults from people in town.

No one will see her as a lost cause if she has a date with Mason Carlisle. And so it begins If you just read the blurb Mason sounds like an asshole. Believe me, he is not. He did this stupid wingman-thing but that was his one and only bad decision. He is such a lovable character and just the right guy to help Daisy crawling out of her shell.

I always have a hard time with the heroines who are one big insecurity. Who breath insecurity, who speak insecurity, who are insecurity and nothing else. Thank god, Daisy is more than just her looks and the way that makes her feel. She's the other sister but she's also a passionate vet, a loving sister and so weird sometimes that you have to love her. I loved her humor and her passion for the things she cared about. Speaking about her sisters.

At first I thought we would get something like Cinderella. Mean sisters who treat her wrong all the time but that was not the case. Her sisters were supportive and loved Daisy with all their hearts. I don't like a story when everything is forced to be funny and every dialogue is like a live action comedy. At one point Mason helps the sisters to do the sitting arrangements for a wedding and him doing this with military strategy is devilish funny.

I love my ugly duckling stories and The Wingman is one of the best I've read in a long time. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Natasha Anders. Natasha Anders. Since making her publishing debut in , Natasha Anders has drawn praise and attention as a unique voice in romance.

She spent nine years as an associate English teacher in Niigata, Japan, where she became a legendary karaoke diva. Anders currently lives in Cape Town. Other books in the series.

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